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How to Transport Cargo Safely in Your Family Vehicle
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Kawasaki Motorcycles And Motorcycle Parts

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Time and time again Kawasaki has given the world world-class motorcycles.

They are absolutely passionate about motorcycles. If high performance sports bikes are what you love then Kawasaki offers the best to you. Worlds top motorcycle magazine editors haul the Kawasaki bikes when it comes to racing.

The Kawasaki 2000 Vulcan is widely regarded as the best .It actually displaces 2,053cc (125.3 cubic inches). Each cylinder displaces more than the entire engine in a four-cylinder Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10! Cool ha!!

Rider sits slightly bent into the wind astride a firm, wide seat, grasping wide beach bars, feet on floorboards, facing a huge chromed speedometer but no tach.

It has a Liquid-cooled, transverse 52-degree V-twin

  • 2,053cc displacement
  • Bore x Stroke of 103.0 x 123.2mm
  • Compression Ratio of 9.5:1
  • Valve Train of OHV, 4 valves per cyl.
  • Fuel Delivery-- Electronic fuel injection w/ 46mm throttle bodies x 2
  • Lubrication System: Semi-dry sump, 3.1-qt. cap.
  • Transmission: 5-speed, cable-actuated wet clutch
  • Base Price: $14,499

Kawasaki has launched its custom cruiser tour for 2005 .Its a traveling exhibit which showcases the customizing potential for its Vulcan® line of cruiser motorcycles. There will be 9 major enthusiasts events beginning with Daytona Bike Week in March and concluding in October at the Steel Pony Express in New Orleans.

It’s an attempt made by Kawasaki to help those who have a passion for customizing their motorcycles. Kawasaki’s tagline, “Let the good times roll.™”, is recognized worldwide and the brand is aggressively carrying its heritage of leading-edge power, performance and exhilaration into the 21st century.

For more information on Kawasaki visit their site www.kawasaki.com

Now it's time to enjoy your motorcycle ride.

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