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Motorcycle Buyers Inspection

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Motorcycle buyers always have the little confusion of where to start?

Well you start at the beginning. Reading online reviews is my favorite as it gives you the first hand advice on what to do and what to avoid in buying motorcycles.

Crimes are increasing and so are the criminals so make sure you are buying a motorcycle from an authorized owner. Read the documents carefully. See the signatures, registration date and authentication.

Make a checklist of the things you need to inspect first hand before buying a motorcycle.

Wheels—Look for impacts on the rim, bent wheels, and spoke problems, cracks.

Tires-- Inspect the tires for damage, cracks and deep enough tread.

Brakes—Check for the brake smoothness, disc pads, pressure in the cables and of course leaks.

In the suspensions check for the coil springs, fork legs. Are the fork legs leaking after the pump?

Make sure the steering is smooth. Check for play and vibrations.

Gauges—are they working or not?

Engine—Make sure you start the engine and take a test ride. Try to get a cold engine warm and then let it run without choke.

Also check the exhaust, belt drives, chains, oil battery etc.

Now ride the motorcycle. After all its going to be yours should you decide to ride it.

Make sure you cross check the list I have provided you twice and then go ahead with the purchase if you are satisfied.

Also check for motorcycle insurance. Well-insured motorcycles mean a more reliable seller.

Always pay in cash as you can make and quick offer and the seller will be more open to sell at a lower price as he gets the money ASAP.

Check and double check the motorcycle part before buying. You can ask for some expert help on cross checking also.

In case you want to buy a new motorcycle when should you buy Buying at the end of the month seems to work best for many sales people seeing they are often faced with targets and com%.

So you have finally bought it!!

It's time to let them enjoy their motorcycle ride.

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