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Web Hosting: To Switch or to Stay?
Thatís a question that can only be answered by you. Depending on your current status and relationship you have with your provider, along with your evolving business objectives and needs, can determine what course of action to pursue. What are...
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20 Simple Ways to Increase Sales and Profit

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1. Give your prospects extra incentives so they will order quicker. It could be free shipping, a faster shipping option, free gift wrapping, etc.

2. Make your small business look big on the world
wide web. Design your web site using professional
graphics, ordering systems, organized layouts, etc.

3. Attract a lot more customers by giving them clear ordering instructions. Give them all the information they need so they can complete their order easily.

4. Give your customers buying incentives so they'll
make repeat purchases. Offer them discounts, free gifts, bonus points, etc.

5. Tell people about your site whenever you get a
chance. Those people will tell other people and so
on. It's a cheap way to multiply your advertising.

6. Write and send press releases for your web site. Use a strong headlines, make it newsworthy, and tell the journalist why their readers would like it.

7. Use a lot of headlines on your web site and ezine. Some types of headlines are free offers, questions, problem solvers, sales, and statistics.

8. Design graphics, templates, buttons and banner
ads for other sites. Allow people to use them in
exchange for your web link on their home page.

9. Use time saving promotional software. You can
automate your search engine submissions, posting
to online classified sites, etc.

10. Advertise your online business by dressing in
clothes that are imprinted with your ad. It could be a T-shirt, ball cap, coat, etc.

11. Turn your ad copy into a story or article. Your
visitors won't be as hesitant to read your ad and
will become more interested in your product.

12. Give visitors a freebie for filling out your online survey or they usually won't. Surveys will give your business valuable intelligence for your business

13. Enhance the power of your ad copy benefits by
using attention getting words, highlighting keywords, using color, bolding key phrases, underlining, etc.

14. Give your visitors tons of choices so they don't
get the feeling of being controlled. Offer them a
variety of ways to order, contact you, navigate, etc.

15. Put yourself in your visitors shoes. Design your
site for them, not for yourself. Create your product around your visitors not because you would buy it.

16. Get free advice from successful online business owners. Participate in business chat rooms and message boards to chat with them.

17. Use your free bonuses to create an urgency for
your visitors to buy. Only offer them for a limited
time with your main product.

18. Offer your customers extra add-on products at
the point of purchase. For example, if they are
buying an electronic toy try to sell batteries with it.

19. Make your visitors feel good about themselves
by giving them compliments. If they feel good they will also feel good about buying from your web site.

20. Add multiple profits to your web site. If you're
selling business books try to sell business services, courses and supplies too.

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