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Five FAQ About Google PageRank
Five FAQ about Google PageRank 1. What is PageRank and why should I care about it? PageRank is a formula that assigns a value to every page in the Google index. Google displays search results based on an algorithm which includes the value...
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“Reduce Time Intensive Phases during Software Development with TierDeveloper”

Software must be delivered faster than ever before, without sacrificing the time taken to design and implement architecture. Research bears that less than 70 percent of development projects are actually completed, and more than half come in late and over budget.

TierDeveloper is a time saving OR mapping and code generation tool that helps Software engineers do better, more creative, and useful work by reducing redundant hand coding. TierDeveloper greatly reduces the costs of software production and reduces manual errors. In this world of increasingly code-intensive frameworks, the value of replacing laborious hand coding with code generation is acute and, this is one of the reason why TierDeveloper popularity is increasing day by day.

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Time Savings in the Implementation Phase

TierDeveloper quickly designs, generates and deploys the middle-Tier data objects in hours or days at most. This is the biggest area of saving in a software project when you use TierDeveloper.TierDeveloper also generates a fully functional web application to test and verify data object behavior. One not only learns from this web-application but can also copy/paste code from this web-application to another web-application. This will save a great deal of time.

Time Savings in Testing Phase

Any code that TierDeveloper generates is based on code-templates that have been tested for functionality and performance. This means that one has to do much less testing of the application since TierDeveloper generated code is at least 50% of the middle-tier objects. Similarly, any code that one will copy/paste from generate web application is also pre-tested and reduces the testing of the web application as well.



Jan/Feb -Requirements Capture

Jan/Feb -Black and White Web Layout

Jan/Feb -DB design and App Architecture

Jan/Feb -Branding and Artwork


Feb/June -Develop Middle Tier Data Objects

Feb/June -Develop Web Pages

Feb/June -Develop Business Logic Objects

Feb/June -Develop Web Services


June/July -Functional Testing

June/July -Stress Testing



Jan/Feb -Requirements Capture

Jan/Feb -Black and White Web Layout

Jan/Feb -DB design and App Architecture

Jan/Feb -Branding and Artwork


Feb/April ++Generate Middle Tier Data Objects with TierDeveloper++

Feb/April ++Develop (Cut/Copy/Paste) Web Pages with TierDeveloper++

Feb/April -Develop Business Logic Objects

Feb/April -Develop Web Services




If you want to gain greater productivity, quality, and consistency, while cutting costs at the same time then implement TierDeveloper, it is developed to reduce the time intensive phases of project development and software testing with a significant cost reduction.

For TierDeveloper time saving analysis please visit:


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I am working as a software developer in Alchisoft.



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