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Looking for Hawaiian arm tattoos?
One of the biggest and hottest growing trends in the art of tattoo design is Hawaiian arm or leg band tattoos. As this trend goes a lot of people think to themselves, well of course." At least that is what I said to myself at first. You can hardly...
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Roulette - An Easy Method

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Here is a very simple method that gives you the chance to win big if your numbers come

Although you cannot change the odds against you in roulette, there is one way of betting
that we recommend to make the game a bit more exciting and perhaps increase your
chances if your lucky.

Here is what you do: Bet $1 (or whatever amount you like) on each of five "action"
numbers. "Action" numbers are numbers that are fairly evenly spaced around the wheel.
No matter where the ball lands, it will be somewhere close to one of your numbers and -
with a little luck - may land in one of your numbers. If it does, you lose your other four
chips but win 35 chips, for a net win of 30. Not bad! If you get on a hot lucky streak,
you may hit your numbers several times and end up a big winner.

Here are three sets of action numbers for a double zero wheel, and three for a single zero
wheel. Remember: it doesn't matter which set of numbers you use, your odds are exactly
the same.

For a double zero wheel: (0, 20, 24, 25, 6) (28, 17, 13, 12, 16) (9, 5, 1, 19, 23).

For a single zero wheel: (0, 29, 33, 11, 25) (26, 18, 16, 11, 2) (3, 9, 5, 27, 19)

If you get lucky and hit your numbers several times (need we even say it?) then GET UP
AND LEAVE A WINNER! You will have beaten some tough odds, so be one of those
rare players who takes away some of the house's money. And then go play craps or
blackjack where the house's low edge gives you more of a fighting chance.

Good Luck!

About the Author

Tom is the webmaster at BlackjackForEveryone.com,
which is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack
players into serious recreational players.


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