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The Daily Show is a Must See on Comedy Central
The Daily Show on Comedy Central allows viewers to laugh and learn a bit about current events at the same time. This article covers the benefits the Daily Show has to offer. Doesn't it seem that today there is nothing but bleak reports to...
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ATLANTA TALENT MAGAZINE is searching for talented kids ages 2-17 to feature on the cover of upcoming issues of the magazine.

If you know a child with a superstar quality, potential or interest in becoming a professional entertainer in the future take advantage of this early opportunity to display their talent, practice auditioning, gain exposure and build a resume.

Saturday, June 4 at 10:00am
Register Online for Location

Every child who auditions has a picture taken, appears in the magazine and receives a Certificate of Participation. The most talented participants will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issues. Sign up today! Space is limited.

One Year Contract for Talent Promotion, Professional Photo Shoot, Featured Cover Story, and $100 Cash!

Must be 2-17 years old on the day of the audition and registered in school.
You do not have to live in Sandy Springs to participate.

Visit www.AtlantaTalentMagazine.com or call toll-free (866) 853-8539.

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Auditions Coordinator
Atlanta Talent Magazine


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Got an Idea for a Movie? It's a Swift Path to Success
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