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Do People Envy Paris Hilton So Much They Want to See Her Die?
See Paris Hilton Die says one caption on one of the new horror flick House of Wax's promotional materials. Now why would we want to see Paris Hilton, the sweet and cuddly hotel heiress, die? Is it because everything about her is fun, or about...
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What is anime?

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Anime is a word that needs no definition to millions of young people around the world -- but here's a description anyway, since you may be one of the millions who isn't familiar with the term. Anime is Japanese animation, and is hugely popular in Japan, a part of everyday life. The word is used to include quite a variety of animated TV series and films.

Often anime characters are drawn with large eyes and smallish noses. The animation uses sharp lines and may use less detail than Hollywood-style animation. Video games and mangas (Japanese comic books) are drawn in this style as well. Plots are often more complex and mature than Western-style cartoons or comic books, including violence and characters dying. Fantasy adventures and romance are part of the mix as well. There are so many different types of anime that there is something for everyone.

Youth culture cuts across national boundaries more and more nowadays, and anime products are a good example. From Japan to the United States, from China to Sweden, their popularity only increases. There are many fan events going on worldwide. In the U.S. in 2004, over one hundred thousand people attended Katsucon, Otakon, Anime Expo and similar events -- many of them in full costume. Now, anime is being created in places other than Japan.

Of course, not all anime fans are young. People of all ages enjoy this unique art form.

One study of its popularity projected that the worldwide market is approaching $100 billion, in US funds. That's a lot! This includes films, television, DVDs, tshirts, trading cards, and other merchandise.

Anime posters are among the merchandise that is growing in popularity. Inexpensive, easy to ship, and creating an environment in whatever space is available, they offer fans a way to immerse themselves in the realm of imagination.

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