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10 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves You
There are plenty of reasons why your cat loves you. Ten of the main reasons are listed below. Enjoy! 1. You provide food - Cats love food and they love you for giving them that food. If it wasn't for you, they'd go hungry, and of course, if...
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Big Hearts and Oodles of Talent... It is All in the Family at Dogfellas

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I read about Dogfellas in a wonderful article written by a well-known magazine and contacted them immediately. Dogfellas is run by the famous acting/writing Sorvino family including Paul, Mira, and Amanda Sorvino. Being the big-hearted Manhattan gal that she is, Amanda Sorvino agreed to do a phone interview with me recently and I was moved by several accounts of dogs that they have helped to find good homes. Dogfellas began in February 2002 and they operate mainly from Manhattan and Pennsylvania, but are expanding to the Los Angeles area in the future. Amanda describes her favorite day with Dogfellas when her father, Paul Sorvino, after seeing a picture on NYACC’s web site of an expressive faced German Shepherd, was determined to save this dog named Sugar. Sugar is one of the lucky ones and now sleeps soundly with her owner, an 18-year-old college gal who welcomed Sugar into her heart after about 3 months of recovering from trauma caused by previous trainers and owners. Amanda wanted to emphasize that all of the dogs that Dogfellas have worked with have been transformed into loving and trusting canines, no matter what abuse or neglect that they encountered in the past. Dogfellas... thank you from all of the animal lovers of the world for your work and inspiration.

Owner www.spiritwhole.com, graduate University of Washington, poet, animal lover.



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