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Decorate for Christmas

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It’s your home/your apartment and you want to make it a special sanctuary this Christmas. How can you create a special place for your family and you? Well, we already have our centerpiece…see November’s issue (http://www.amomslove.com/hol-thanksgiving-decorate.html). Just replace candles and flowers. But how can you make your place shine with love and holiday spirit?

Your dining room table can have a nice Christmas cloth or runner. Replace the fall curtain scarf with Christmas co-ordinates to match your table cloth or runner. Look around your yard for any berries that you might use in your centerpieces. Be careful that little ones don’t put these in their mouths. Make a wreath for your door using a grapevine base and ivy you might have growing around the yard….place berries strategically around the circle. Make a bow of fine vines and place in the center, a couple of pine cones. What a unique heart warmer for your guests to enter your sanctuary by.

At the doorway, hallway, foyer, greet your guests with cinnamon sticks and and cloves stuck in oranges and apples placed in a wooden bowl on a hallway table. Cover the table with a plaid green and red cloth. Your kitchen can have all the smells of holiday cooking (http://www.amomslove.com/hg-recipes-christmas01.html). Place a nice lantern in the window to remind us of those guests who couldn’t make it. Have a plate of finger foods for your guests. Simple things will do like a nice wooden bowl of cashews or give your guests something to do: serve pistachios.

Need something for the kids to do? Take tag paper and cut out a Christmas tree shape that is about 24 inches tall. Put it on a bulletin board, then make two different sized ornament patterns for the kids to use and have them trace ornaments on more tag paper. Let the kids cut the ornaments out. Take crayons and markers and decorate a couple to model how to decorate them for the kids. Provide some glue sticks and let the kids glue their ornaments on their very own tree.

In your living room or family room, create a warm feel with plaid coverlets thrown across your couches and chairs. If you have a mantel, string some berries into a garland….or use cranberries. Place wooden candlestick holders and white candles. Place ivy around the base….a very simple but elegant presentation.

After dinner have pie with coffee and tea. Pass out some carols and sing together. If you have a musical instrument, this would be a great time to accompany your guests. You can print some carols ahead of time. Make them into little booklets using old Christmas cards for covers. CHRISTMAS-CAROLS.NET - Rejoice in the Christmas Spirit!

Serve some spiced cider:

1 gallon of Apple Cider

10 cinnamon sticks

Some whole cloves (about 10)

Simmer on top of stove for about 15 minutes and strain into some nice Seasonal mugs.

Enjoy your family and don’t forget to take photos. Merry Christmas!

Caroline Shaw, Pittsburgh, PA



Caroline Shaw holds a B.S. degree from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA in Secondary Education, English. She is a mom to six children. She is Editor and Publisher of the Online Magazine,"A Mom's Love." Each issue contains informative articles for WAHMs, their children, single moms, working moms, and more. She lives with her husband, three "still at home" children, a collie, an australian shepherd and two kitties in Western Pennsylvania. Her hobbies are writing, cooking, gardening, decorating and crafts.


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