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Property in Northern Spain
If you’re looking for the ‘real’ Spain where the culture, customs and the traditional Spanish lifestyle have been preserved - a Spain long ago lost and forgotten along the Costa del Sol - consider Northern Spain. Northern Spain has always been a...
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How To Find Free Stuff Online

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How To Find Free Stuff Online
by BB Lee (C)2003
(600 words)

If you are anything like the average person, you love
free stuff. You have an overwhelming hunger to surf
the Net to satisfy your freebie appetite. This will turn to
frustration if you do not know the best places to check-out.
And of course you will spend precious wasted time surfing
without catching a freebie.

Well, on the Internet, you will find tons of freebies if you know
the right web-site, and when to click on over. Catching a good
freebie really depends on the timing. More on that later.

What freebies treasures have I gathered in my hunt?
Anything from junk to real nifty finds. I've discovered dozens
of calendars, coffee mugs, music CD's,
mouse pads, games, software, tons of ebooks,
office supply samples, perfume samples,
vitamins, makeup, shampoo, hair conditioners,
calling cards, tee shirt's, food samples, razors, shaving creme,
cologne, and.. well just about anything you can imagine!

Are you ready to satisfy your freebie appetite? Great!
Check out these popular freebie sites.

Refund sweepers
Don't let the misleading name fool you. I've ordered
a dozen freebies from this site. Most recent was
a aspirin sample, denture powder, razor sample.
They list the link to samples in alphabetical order to the left
of the website page. Look through the list and order what's
interesting or everything. They also have a coupon board, a
refunding board, bargain board.

This sites been around for awhile. Packed with free
and trial products.

They claim to serve up 130 pages of the week's best free stuff.
Download clip art, fonts, games, midi files. Favorite
products are free phone cards, coupons.

Totally Free Stuff
Loaded with free stuff. Everything from mouse pads to
travel brochures.

This is a great site a young friend gave me the scoop on.
They have a teenage " funky fresh flavor" to their freebies.
Plenty of free posters from the latest movies, rock stars,
or television shows. Free magazine subscriptions to
teen magazines, Free makeup, free music CD's. Everything
the average teen would love.

Freebies For Women
Most of their freebies are geared to women. Check out this
site ladies. Print out free note pads, free calendars, games.

Also, many of these sites produce a daily, or weekly freebies
newsletter. If you join their list you will get the inside track
on the latest freebies added to the website before non-subscribers.
And of course, you will beat the mad rush for the latest freebies.
Remember, it's all in the timing!

Many of these sites offer coupons that you can instantly
print out or download. Take the coupons to your local stores
for huge discounts on your favorite products.

Also, set up a free email account at Yahoo, Lycos, Hotmail,
to handle all your subscriptions to freebie newsletters and to
receive the acknowledgement responses you will get from your freebie
orders. You certainly don't want the freebies goodies to mix
with more serious regular email.

Okay, Want More Freebies?...Try This!
Surf to:


or any of your favorite search engines. Type in freebie or
free samples and the search engine should display thousands of
freebie sites waiting for you to hit them up for some free stuff.

BB Lee is Editor/Publisher Of SmallBizBits Free Home Based
Business Newsletter. http://www.angelfire.com/zine/smallbiz
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a home based business.

About the Author

BB Lee is editor/publisher of SmallBizBits Home Based Business Newsletter. And Has Published Articles In Print Magazines On Various Topics.


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