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How To Obtain Our True Integrity?

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Humanity is going through a nightmare.


They are hypnotized with untruths, in an unconscious sleep. One can only experience nightmares, when asleep.

We must wake up!



See what?

That we ARE loved & appreciated. That is our natural state. We ARE perfect, and we live under Grace. All this does NOT depend upon what we ‘own’, or what we ‘look like’.

We ARE pure & rich.

How can that be proved?

By standing outside of our bodies and observing the false ‘self’.

The false ‘self’ is a monster, an ‘IT’.

What is the monster? It consists of ‘vanity’ (the need for approval), ‘sadness/criticism’ (living from the point of how things ‘should be’), ‘anger’ (fear of being hurt), ‘depression’ (emptiness caused by our attachment to things and people), etc.

The monster gets bigger as long as we ‘feed’ it with any attention to which we attach ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ judgment. As soon as we just look at the monster, it will turn around and walk away, for it has nothing to feed on and gets bored with us.

When we discover that we are our essence, the representatives of our source, that we ARE angels in charge of spiritual power (the aligned power of 2 people equals 1111, not 1+1) , we realize that nothing and no one can hurt us, or harm us, we have gained the unity between our thinking and our TRUTH.

We found our integrity, at last: To BE is to HAVE.

What do we do with our lives, after the monster has left?

We invent our own personal game, we take our time preparing for the play, and we play to win.

We will no longer play anybody else’s game. That is truly why we are here: Integrity exists, it needs be revealed, found. The true sense of living is to discover it and live happily ever after…

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