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Two-Step Your Communication
Ever use someone else to get your message out? For example, big, multi-location companies sometimes make important announcements through local plant or office managers, rather than at head office. Another example: advocacy groups that ask their...
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Gospel Music Week, CMT Music Awards, NAB2005 Showcase, Ebertfest, New Orleans Jazz, Boston CyberArts Festival in April Media Events

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The Method Fest is known as The Actor's Film Festival, a festival of discovery, seeking breakout acting performances of emerging stars and established actors in story-driven independent films, closes out on April 8 with a closing party the night before in Calabasas. Minnesota Film Arts is hosting the 23rd Annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival in Minneapolis through April 16 with opening and closing night parties throughout. The Istanbul International Film Festival, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts has a theme this year of 'Arts and the Movies', as it plays through April 17. Nashville Songwriters Association International presents the Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival which features the NSAI Songwriter's Symposium and the Tin Pan South Songwriters Golf Classic Invitational, from April 4 to 9. Roma Independent Film Festival, opening April 4 to 9 in Rome, includes retrospectives, roundtable discussions with top international filmmakers, workshops, live music, and VIP cocktail parties. Eilat International Film Festival running April 6 to 9, bill itself as a competitive festival and includes competitions for 'Best Foreign Film' and 'Best Israeli Film'. A Miami conference dedicated to the critical role of New Generation Latino in the worlds of media, marketing and entertainment - New Generation Latino Consortium in Miami - is set for April 6. Toronto's Images Festival opens on April 7, with a party at Mod Club, and runs till April 16, presenting its annual exhibition of media arts installations and new media artwork. During Gospel Music Week, April 9 to 13 in Nashville, there are nightly music showcases and daily luncheons where you can see and hear Christian music’s current and upcoming artists, culminating in the 36th Annual GMA Music Awards. Comedy kingpin Jeff Foxworthy will lead the live festivities as Country Music Television telecasts the 2005 CMT Music Awards from Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville on April 11. Four emerging policy issues will be addressed during the 5th Annual Future of Music Policy Summit at Barbara Jordan Conference Center, Washington DC, on April 12. Aspiring artists can learn how to negotiate the creative and business aspects as they navigate toward a successful recording career at a BMI Aspiring Artist Workshop in Nashville on April 14. The National Association of Broadcasters NAB2005 Showcase taking place in Las Vegas April 16 to 21 is known to be one of the largest showcases for broadcast media. Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) seeks to nurture a greater appreciation of India's cinema and diverse culture by screening films from and about India by Indian and International filmmakers, April 20 to 24. Ebertfest: "Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival" are screenings and panel discussions from films selected from among the films Mr. Ebert sees in the normal course of his reviewing, taking place April 20-24 in Champaign. Tribeca Film Festival runs April 21 to May 1 in New York. Games and Mobile Forum is a full-day executive forum in New York on April 21. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival features a stage solely dedicated to some of New Orleans most vibrant music and most venerable cultural traditions during its run of April 22 to May 1. At the Boston CyberArts Festival exhibitions of visual arts; music, dance, and theatrical performances; film and video presentations; educational programs; and lecture/demonstrations and symposia are combined with online exhibitions such as Jennifer Woolcock-Schwartz' immersive 3D installation "On the Street Where I Live" (http://www.absolutely-fashionable.com/on_the_street.html) to encourage participation from outside New England, and all taking place April 22 to May 8. MerleFest: An Americana Music Celebration is committed to producing a high quality diversified American roots based musical experience when it gathers in Wilkesboro from April 28 to May 1.

Many of events above have a submission process for indie and/or performing artists to take part in. Complete details are on the "Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events" page at http://www.actorschecklist.com/news.html.

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