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india mobile accessories retailer
Celtoc.com engaged in the Distribution & Sale of Mobile Phone Accessories such as Irda adaptor Small Type,Irda Adaptor Mouse Type,Bluetooth Dongles,Bluetooth Handsfree Headsets,Bird Mobile Phones, Data cables,SIM Card Backup machines,Dual Sim Card...
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Order your Tsunami VideoPhone Now! All International Calls 2Cents Per Min

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Order your Tsunami VideoPhone today at: http://www.voippacket8.net or call 1800-904-VoIP (8647) Will Ship over nite.

Service Plans:
VoIP Communications and 8x8 offers an array of Packet8 broadband telephone service plans delivered over high speed internet connections such as cable or DSL to meet the most stringent residential, business telephone and video users needs. Programs include unlimited residential voice and video calling plans to US, Canada, Europe, Asia and more. Business plans for extremely high round the clock continuous telephone communications, even hosted PBX services. All of our plans include unlimited Packet8 network talk time, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3 way calling, call forwarding, caller ID blocking, and on line account management at a minimum. We also offer competitive international rates on all our US and Canadian calling programs, and Unlimited International plans to specific regions of the world.
Residential Service Plans

Unlimited calling at an affordable price! - Residential Plans are great programs to keep in touch with family, friends and schoolmates with all the great Packet8 features and all the talk time you'll ever need.

Freedom Unlimited - Unlimited calling to anyone in the 50 US states and Canada and Packet8 subscribers world wide

Freedom International - 1,000 minutes of calling time into US and Canada, and unlimited calling between Packet8 subscribers

International Plans - Check out our international plans

All plans include the same great VoIP Communications with Packet8 features: - voicemail, on-line account management, call forwarding, and more
Freedom Unlimited $19.95
Freedom International $19.95
International Plans

Virtual Office Service Plans

Save your business money today - Virtual Office is a Hosted PBX with no on-site equipment or configuration requirements for extension or trunks that is packed with features including:

Unlimited business calling to anyone in the 50 US states, Canada and VoIP Communications with Packet8 subscribers world wide
Auto attendant, conference bridge, business class voicemail, music on hold, 3-way conferencing, advanced call forwarding
3 digit extensions dialing and local DID for each user regardless of geographic location

No on-site equipment or configuration of extensions or trunks. Virtual Office
Business Service Plans

Business 2000 Service Plans provide you the following features:
2000 business calling minutes to anyone in the 50 US states and Canada, and unlimited minutes to Packet8 subscribers world wide

Business phone features including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and many more.

Unbeatable international rates
Business 2000 $34.95

Residential Videophone Service Plans

Unlimited Videophone Service Plans - See what you've been missing.

Easy to install

Full motion, real time video at up to 30 fps
Supports speeds up to 640 kbps and works on home dsl and cable services Freedom Unlimited Videophone $29.95

$200 Mail-in Rebate
when you purchase one
Packet8 VideoPhone! $49999 (8x8 VIDEOPHONE)
-$20000 Mail-in Rebate thru 9/30/04

$29999 Video Service Plan Must Be
Activated Before 10/30/04

$500 Mail-in Rebate
when you purchase two
Packet8 VideoPhones!
$99999 (8x8 VIDEOPHONE)
-$50000 Mail-in Rebate thru 9/30/04
$49999 Video Service Plan Must Be
Activated Before 10/30/04

Order Now! http://www.voippacket8.net or call 1800-904-VoIP (8647) We will ship over nite!

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Honorable Retired Disabled Veteran Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel “Nate” W. Perkins served in the U.S. Army for 24 years, in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology Warfare at the highest level.


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